Johan Backéus - Taste Ambassador

Johan Backéus, raised in Matfors just outside Sundsvall, and winner of the gold medal in the Chef of the Year 2017 has joined the initiative Taste of the North, as our food ambassador. Johan is not only a top-level chef, he is also passionate about locally produced food and for the goal of Taste of the North - to put destination Sundsvall and the region on the gastronomic map! This will be extraordinary when Johan now plans to open a food studio in central Sundsvall in the spring and in the longer run, also aims to enrich Sundsvall with his own restaurant.

Johan has worked at several top restaurants such as the Gondolen, LUX, Matstudio Aveqia and BAR restaurant. Over the years in Chef of the Year, he has made it to the final 4 times, has won 2 silver medals and finally gold in 2017.