Taste of the North is a new initiative in Destination Sundsvall which, together with all the good restaurators, local producers, offensive meeting venues and other partners, wants to create a sharpend gastronomic profile - and with the pursuit of common attraction, marketing and visibility that attract new national and international visitors and groups.
Regional gastronomy, exciting drinks and local traditions will set our destination on the gastronomic map!

Initiative Taste of the North is run through a two-year project in Destination Sundsvall with Timrå municipality as project owner, Sundsvall and Ånge as project partners and with an inviting open door also for you as food entrepreneur throughout the region, even outside Sundsvall. Collaboration, pride and gastronomic innovation are some of our keywords!


Taste of the North supports sustainable development and food innovation!

An important goal of the Taste of the North initiative is to strengthen sustainable development in the Sundsvall region by increasing the market opportunities for food from forests, nature and the local producers. It can be about strengthening the contact paths between our restaurants, hotels and stores and the region's local producers and artisan food entrepreneurs. Or to highlight new, sustainable food innovations such as, for example, the spruce sprout syrup from Skogens Skön Gröna in Ånge - a world-class culinary innovation.
As a participant or partner to Taste of the North, you support sustainable development in a region with all the possibilities to showcase how to develop cutting edge in sustainable food and restauration with local, regional and Swedish profile!

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